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Update a Room

10 Ways to Inexpensively Update a Room

Home decor and furnishing fashions can change quickly. Popular
styles and trendy designs can look dated in just a few years.
While most people can’t afford to redecorate every three to five
years, some simple changes can update and enhance a room while
still protecting your savings.

Here are just a few simple ways to update a room without breaking
the bank all generally for less than $50.

1) Paint. A can or two of a new color of paint will update your
room in striking fashion. Check out the paint chips and color
brochures at your local paint store for ideas of the new “in”

2) Throws. A gracefully draped throw blanket will add color,
hide a dated sofa, and camouflage worn cushions. And cost
less than taking the family out for dinner at McDonalds.

3) Swag drapes. Need new drapes but can’t afford fancy custom
made window treatments? With two pole holders, a rod, and
a swag drape, you can quickly and easily change the window
treatments in a room. Get a length of fabric, hem the ends
(and possibly the sides depending how finished they are),
and hang.

4) Pillows. This simple decorating accent can instantly add
interest, drama, and mood to a sofa or bed. Easy to buy.
Easy to make. Use extra fabric from the swags mentioned
above. Toss different yet coordinating colors, fabrics,
and sizes for maximize effect.

5) Candle arrangement. Not only do these add interest to mantles,
tables, and counters, they also add aroma, further enhancing
the sense appeal to your room. Buy holders of multiple
heights. Get bronze, wood, crystal, glass. Bronze candlesticks
are out, but a variety of styles are popular these days.

6) Flowers and plants. Green plants can enhance a room in a
variety of ways. Add color. Fill an empty corner or nook.
Freshen the air. Bring the outdoors in. Flowers – silk or
cut – is one of the easiest ways to liven up any room. A few
sprigs can do wonders for a bathroom counter, a centerpiece,
an entry table, an island.

7) Picture collections. Today photos are not hung singly. They
are hung in groups. A set of three. Or even more popular, a
group of varying sizes and shapes, often with the same type
of frame, but not necessarily. Group them together in a
unique and cohesive arrangement to accent a wall.

8) Rugs. Much like throws, rugs can instantly add color and
appeal as well as hide scratched or stained floors. Pick a
bold color for immediate impact. Choose a unique pattern for
maximum effect. (Ok, this one may cost more than $50, but if
you shop well, you’ll be surprised what you can find at a
good price.)

9) Focal piece. Find a unique piece and feature it. Your
imagination is your only limit here. Set a giant ceramic
rooster to proudly accent an island counter. Fill a corner
with an interesting sculpture or souvenir from an overseas
trip. Add light with a vintage lamp or chandelier. Create a
conversation piece from an eclectic table you found at a
garage, estate, or flea market sale.

10) Finally, the cheapest way to update any room is to get rid
of any junk and clutter. Paper piles and excess stuff is
never a decorating plus. Clean it up and purge your inner
pack rat.

Often we fall into the mistake of thinking that the only way to
decorate a room is through elaborate changes and expensive
furnishings. Wrong. A few inexpensive and simple solutions will
bring new life to any room.

Julie Lohmeier is the veteran of numerous home remodeling and
building projects. From working hands on and doing much of the
work herself to hiring contractors and construction managers,
she has seen the entire spectrum of home improvement. She
shares her remodeling tips, home decorating ideas, and other
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