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Information for Buyers

Basics Of Home Buying

The most important investment you will ever make is probably the purchase of a home. Finding the right home for you can be a long and arduous process, but there is no getting around that. (…read more)

Check Your Credit Before Shopping For That Home Loan

Too many consumers get frustrated when a ding on their credit score delays the process of closing on a mortgage or completing a home equity loan. Before you start shopping for financing, understand these four important tips. (…read more)

Information for Sellers

10 Ways to Inexpensively Update a Room

Home decor and furnishing fashions can change quickly. Popular styles and trendy designs can look dated in just a few years. While most people can’t afford to redecorate every three to five years, some simple changes can update and enhance a room while still protecting your savings. (…read more)

Add Value to Your House by Creating Visual Space

All homebuyers want as much house for their money as they can get. Many buyers are looking for a larger home because they’ve outgrown their current one, and especially desire more closet and cupboard space as well as larger rooms. (…read more)

Home Improvement Projects Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

Home improvement projects can improve the look and value of your home dramatically. Though in some cases, using a home improvement project as a way to increase the value of your home can actually backfire and cost you money. So how will you be able to tell if the project that you have planned will add to the value of your home or decrease the value of your home? (…read more)

You Have 15 Seconds to Sell Your Home! 11 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

Selling your home? Here are some tips to help you sell yours for more than your next door neighbor’s, and faster! Most buyers will know within 15 SECONDS after crossing the threshold if they want your home. But first, you need to attract them inside! (…read more)

Tax Tips

Real Estate Tax Tips

This is a checklist of 10 often overlooked real estate tax tips (…read more)