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Living in Williston, ND

,In 1887, Williston was founded and named for Daniel Willis James. This man was responsible for the construction of the railroad line that gave birth to the town. This location was ideal due to its close proximity to both the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers. Interestingly, this is the site of Lewis and Clark’s reunion on their way back to St. Louis.

In present times, Williston, ND has been the country’s fastest growing “micropolitan city” for the last six years. The recent oil boom in the area has caused Williston to morph into a unique blend of small town charm and big city opportunity. The median salary in Williston is $94,927 which is well above national averages.

Living in Williston, ND

The Williston lifestyle centers on the open plains and wilderness surrounding the city. The countryside outside Williston is home to some of the best fishing in the northwest. Fishermen can catch a wide variety of game, including the rare, prehistoric Paddlefish as well as the more common northern pike and walleye.  Paddlefish also supply a very popular caviar produced by North Star Caviar.  The undisturbed grassland surrounding Williston is filled to the brim with wildlife. Hikers have the opportunity to see a number of species of animals in addition to some beautiful scenery and sunny weather. The nearby Lake Sakakawea is the perfect place for boating, water skiing, and jet skiing.

Before the oil fields were established, Williston was a primarily agricultural community, and that trend continues even today. The endless grassland is the perfect place for farms. Many of these farms have been in the family for over a century. Most Williston residents fall in love with the area and never want to leave. During the summer months, residents of Williston can buy a variety of seasonal fresh produce – locally grown, of course – and homemade baked goods at the Farmers Market.

Williston, ND Real Estate

Despite the agricultural backgrounds of many of the residents, Williston has a surprisingly diverse downtown area. This impressive town includes all the highlights of big city living. There are a number of upscale restaurants in the area as well as the Williston State College and other locally owned small businesses. The Williston State College offers classes geared towards the community, such as cooking painting, or wine tasting, in addition to more traditional academic degree programs.  For the last several years the College has offered regional high school graduates free tuition..

Williston has its own airport – the Sloulin Field International Airport – as well as an Amtrak station that services a number of destinations, making it easy to travel for business, pleasure, or to go visit family.  Williston is building a new airport named Williston Basin International on the edge of town with access off of the new Truck Reliever Bypass.

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