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Meet Our Team


We’re committed to
“Continually Making the Bakken Region
A Rewarding Place to Live”

  Our team has many years of experience satisfying the needs of buyers, sellers, and investors in real estate. We’re not successful unless you’re successful. So we do whatever it takes to get the job done. We’ve represented thousands of transactions, the majority of which were new homes. We’ve worked directly with many builders, but can help you find that special place in a special neighborhood if that is what you are looking for. If you have a property you would like to sell, we utilize all types of marketing techniques that have proven successful. We will get your property noticed and sold quickly through conventional and unconventional marketing methods. Most all, you can be assured that if you’re working with us, you can count on us to work smart, and work hard to help you achieve your real estate goals and realize your dreams.

Billy Murphy - bakkenrealty.com
Bill Murphy Marketing & Business Development c-970-261-1886
Mitzi Bestall - bakkenrealty.com
Mitzi Bestall Broker c-970-261-6888
Mike Galt - bakkenrealty.com
Mike Galt Broker Associate 209-541-9714
Paul Ficara - bakkenrealty.com
Paul Ficara Broker Associate 760-401-1389
Jill Kjorstad - bakkenrealty.com
Jill Kjorstad Broker Associate 701-770-1094
Sarah Schroeder - bakkenrealty.com
Sarah Schroeder Broker Associate 701-570-6434
Julie McEndree - bakkenrealty.com
Julie McEndree Office Services Manager
Sales Associate
Sharlo Halvorson - bakkenrealty.com
Sharlo Halvorson Sales Associate 701-570-1520
Kathryn Kihle - bakkenrealty.com
Kathryn Kihle Sales Associate 701-770-7183
Debbie Brumfield - bakkenrealty.com
Debbie Brumfield Sales Associate 970-640-4006
Dwight Ebel - bakkenrealty.com
Dwight Ebel Sales Associate 701-770-0584
JoAnn Callahan - bakkenrealty.com
JoAnn Callahan Sales Associate 701-651-6585
John Voll - bakkenrealty.com
John Voll Sales Associate 574-299-3839
Karen Burau - bakkenrealty.com
Karen Burau Sales Associate 701-770-4897
Katie Walters - bakkenrealty.com
Katie Walters Sales Associate 760-851-8834
Lee Lusht - bakkenrealty.com
Lee Lusht Sales Associate 701-651-6760
Luane-Ebel - bakkenrealty.com
Luane Ebel Sales Associate 701-770-0684
Nicole Billings - bakkenrealty.com
Nicole Billings Sales Associate 701-570-6577
Shelly Lutz - bakkenrealty.com
Shelly Lutz Sales Associate 701-580-8116
Charla Olson - bakkenrealty.com
Charla Olson Sales Associate 701-260-9924
Kim Burkle Sales Associate 701-770-4917
Kristy Aasheim Sales Associate 406-480-9383
Paula Jarland Sales Associate 701-651-6185
Lori Schnieder Sales Associate 701-885-4466
Jennifer Sieg Sales Associate 701-426-7792
Jennifer Evanson Sales Associate 701-651-4707
Vicki Smith Sales Associate 828-551-4054
Angela Nordsven Sales Associate 605-639-0048
Nikki Ritter Sales Associate 701-609-7835
Holly Riggens Sales Associate 701-609-7311
Danielle Knudson Sales Associate 701-421-6658
Carla Kemp Sales Associate 701-770-8108